Should You Apply For Denton Area Teachers Credit Union?

Written by:

Chris L.

Last updated:

May 16, 2020

Denton Area Teachers Credit Union works hard to give you financial freedom and wellness, as well as personal 24/7 service. Get all the same features you would at a traditional bank, but with lower rates on your loans and higher rates on your savings.

What are the membership requirements?

Membership to Denton Area Teachers Credit Union is sought after because of the excellent interest rates on loans and savings accounts. To qualify for membership you must have a good credit score, be a US citizen and meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Live or work in Denton, Cooke, Wise, Montague, or Clay County
  • Be employed by or associated with a DATCU business partner
  • Be related to a member associated with a business partner

Let's fix your credit to help get your best loan terms with Denton Area Teachers Credit Union !

Denton Area Teachers Credit Union offers low interest rates, but is your credit score high enough?

Whether you're applying for an auto, mortgage, or personal loan, Denton Area Teachers Credit Union has extremely competitive rates.

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